The Coaching the Body Institute, an outgrowth of the Thai Bodywork School of Evanston, IL, combines Traditional Thai Massage with Trigger Point Therapy, a neuromuscular technique.

Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga are whole body sequences which rely on body mechanics to heal the body of recipients as well as the practitioner. A traditional Thai sequence attends to every part of the body with energetic principles rather than anatomical ones.


However, the pain issues faced by Western bodies stem from different stressors and perpetuating factors than people of Thailand. We work, feed, and care for our bodies very differently. For example, most Thai techniques focus on the lower body, while in the U.S., most chronic pain afflicts the neck and shoulders.

The Coaching the Body Institute thus builds from Thai Bodywork to develop a form appropriate for the chronic pain and lifestyle obstacles observed in contemporary Western clientele. Read more from the founder of the CTB Institute here