Uproot What?

“Progress”… it makes us so damn UPTIGHT. Shoulders up to ears, lurching forward into the uncertain, ever-accelerating future, drowning out the present.

             What does this have to do with bodywork and pain?

Progress is the idea that there must be a fix, just beyond your reach.

 We are all on journeys of healing, but there is no destination of “health”. Rather, every day we can engage in health-making practices. 

Bodywork sessions are one example of a health-making practice, but your bodywork therapist can provide valuable consultation and resources towards other embodied practices to develop in your home and share with your communities. To learn about or book a treatment session, go here

Inspired by the work of theorist Anna Tsing, “Uproot progress” is a bodywork philosophy exploring alternatives to the models of healing we have inherited. Can you stand still on the loosened soil where progress once grew?

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